DJ Tarak

DJ Tarak, formerly known as DJ Aladdin and also the founder of BBDJs, was one of the very first who led the underground remix movement bring 808 / Trap Music style beats to the table infested music of the early 90s, which were ubiquitous in Bollywood songs in those years. He has produced and engineered several albums which brought him instant fame but also allowed him to feel the music, which resulted in providing the best music for weddings and events in the South Asian community including the opportunity to entertain Deepika Padukone at a private wedding.  His leisurely activities include playing basketball, being fit, tutoring, listening to EDM and even gardening.

DJ Bally

DJ Bally is the veteran leader the blaze team with over 20 years of wedding experience.  He originally started out in NYC then relocated to Atlanta in the 90s to build a solid presence in the southeast region.  He prides himself on his VDJ setup which includes interactive video players for the guests to choose their songs as they dance.  His setup often includes a Bose Sound System, this is the leader in sound for the last 30 years.   For his past time, he loves to spend time with his family and friends, hiking, traveling and working on cars.